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KNOWN ISSUE: Phase DJ hardware may not charge or power cycle repeatedly if connected via Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 or DJM-S7 built-in USB hub

We are aware of an issue whereby your Phase DJ unit may not charge, or may power cycle repeatedly when connected to the USB-A hub built into the Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 & DJM-S7

This can happen when the Phase unit is connected directly to the USB-A ports on your Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 or DJM-S7, and both remotes are docked and attempting to charge.
It mainly occurs when the Phase unit has a power reserve of less than 90%, and causes the unit to draw more power than the USB-A ports on the Pioneer DJ DJM-S11/S7 can provide.

For this reason, we recommend you do not use the USB-A ports on your Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 or DJM-S7 device, to charge your Phase unit.

Please refer to the Phase documentation, under the section entitled Charging Phase via their website for best practice when charging your Phase DJ device: