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Optimizing OBS for Live Streaming

Optimizing Serato DJ Pro

Firstly, we recommend following the guide below to optimise your computer for use with Serato DJ Pro

USB Buffer Size

Increasing the USB buffer size in Serato DJ Pro is a good way to reduce the load on your machine.

Lowering the latency will result in a tighter hardware-software response, but will increase the load on your computer and may result in audio dropouts on lower spec computers.

  1. Open the Serato DJ Pro Setup Menu
  2. Go to the Audio Tab
  3. Raise the buffer size to 5ms, higher if you experience issues.

NOTE: If you find that the computer is handing Serato DJ Pro and streaming with OBS, the buffer size can be decreased. 

Optimizing OBS

On the initial launch of OBS, you will be presented with an Auto-configuration Wizard. This can also be accessed at any time by clicking on 'Tools' in the top toolbar of the OBS application and selecting Auto-configuration Wizard.

Specify what you wish to use OBS for. For the purpose of this guide, we are selecting 'Optimize for Streaming' however if you wish to use OBS to record, select this option.


We recommend setting the 'Base (Canvas) Resolution' to 1280 x 720 in order to reduce the load on your computer.

Again, we also recommend setting the 'FPS' to30 in an aim to reduce the load on your machine.


NOTE: If you find that the computer is handling Serato DJ Pro and streaming with OBS, these settings can be raised later on from the OBS settings panel

The final part of the Wizard requires your stream key in order to test the optimal bitrate for your stream. First, choose the 'Service' provider from the dropdown menu, then click 'Get Stream' key. This will take you to the location your stream key appears on the provider's website. Copy the Stream Key and paste this back into OBS.Screen_Shot_2020-10-05_at_2.27.49_PM.png

Ensure 'Estimate bitrate with bandwidth test' is checked, click 'Next' and allow the bandwidth test to run.


Finally, click 'Apply Settings'