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KNOWN ISSUE: Using Serato DJ Pro 2.3.7 and above, while the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 Setting Utility is open, may result in performance issues

We are aware of a potential performance issue, which can be caused by leaving the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 Setting Utility open, whilst using Serato DJ Pro 2.3.7 and above

The Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 Setting Utility is used to configure outputs, and check the firmware, driver and utility version installed on your computer, or adjust ASIO driver settings, which pertain to your mixer.
The DJM-V10 Setting Utility may automatically launch in the following conditions:

  • After freshly booting your computer
  • After connecting or hot-plugging the DJM-V10 mixer USB connection to your computer
  • After manually configuring your DVS preference in Serato DJ Pro, via Setup → Audio → Custom

The DJM-V10 Setting Utility can cause a spike in CPU usage, resulting in Serato DJ Pro being left with less available CPU cycles, and can result in a slow or unresponsive UI, or at worst, audio drop-outs or distortion. Note that for users with lower performing computers, these symptoms may be more pronounced.

We are currently working hard with Pioneer to resolve this issue, but cannot advise of an expected timeframe for a fix.


To mitigate the issue, ensure you fully close or quit the DJM-V10 Setting Utility after using it, and avoid performing with Serato DJ Pro whilst the DJM-V10 Setting Utility is open.


Use the CMD + Q keyboard shortcut whilst the DJM-V10 Setting Utility is in focus, or navigate to the DJM-V10 Setting Utility menu and choose "Quit DJM-V10 Setting Utility", as per the screenshot below:



Click the 'x' button in the top right-hand corner of the Setting Utility:


If you have any further questions or concerns, please open a help request with our Support team, here.