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Redeeming Serato Sample after completing the Rent-to-Own payments from Splice

Once you've completed the payments for the Serato Sample Rent-to-Own period as stipulated by Splice, you will receive a voucher code via email, directly from Splice.

Once you receive the voucher code, follow the steps below to redeem it with a account:

  1. Create a or Sign-in to your existing account
  2. Navigate to the Products page in your account
  3. Enter your voucher code via the ADD A NEW PRODUCT LICENSE section (including dashes)
  4. Then download, install and activate Serato Sample on your computer using the Activation steps from our Serato Sample activation & deactivation article

NOTE: If you've not received your Serato Sample voucher code via email from Splice, after completing your Rent-to-Own payments, then you may also be able to retrieve it from the Serato Sample Splice plans page on the Splice website. If you're still unable to retrieve the Serato Sample voucher code there, please contact Splice directly: