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Copying and Managing Files from the Files Tab

Serato Studio gives you the ability to copy or move files and folders between drives or to a new location on the same drive. This process enables you to move files around your computer's hard drives without damaging the referenced file location in your Serato Studio library.

Note: Deck Presets, FX Presets or Plugins can not be moved. You will get a status message in the bottom left-hand corner if your selection includes these files.

The Files Tab on the left-hand side of your library will show you a list of common locations as well as all drives you have connected.

First, make a section of the files you wish to copy or move. Drag this selection to the Files Tab, and then to a location on one of your drives. Serato Studio will then prompt you with the following options:


Copy - Select this to make a copy of the selected files and folders in the new location. The Serato Studio library will still reference these files from their original location, however, there will also be another copy in the location you selected.

Move - Select this to move the selected files to the new location. Your Serato Studio library and crates will now reference the files in their new location.

Cancel - Select this to cancel any changes.

Once an option is selected, a progress bar will be shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the software. Clicking on the progress bar will bring up a status window. From here, you can also cancel the progress.