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FX : Sidechain Compression

Build energy and layer sounds using Sidechain Compression - create a 'ducking' audio effect by sidechaining one sound to another. There are two types of Sidechain compression available in Serato Studio - 'Soft Sidechain' and 'Hard Sidechain'. To use the Sidechain Compression effect, first choose the deck you wish to effect, then from the Sidechain input dropdown select a deck to act as the 'trigger' of the sidechain effect. For example, to create a ducking effect on your bass line by:

  • Add Soft Sidechain effect to your Instrument or Sample deck with your bass line
  • From the Sidechain input dropdown select your kick (or any other available trigger option)
  • Use the knob to control the level of the effect that is applied