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Library : Crates Panel

Crates are displayed in Serato Studio based on the Library tab you've selected. Each Library tab will offer a different set of Crates in the Crates panel. Some Library tabs offer pre-made crates, but also allow for the user to create Custom Crates to help organise your content.

NOTE: Smart Crates created in Serato DJ Pro will show in Serato Studio. Any changes made in Serato DJ Pro to Smart Crates will be reflected in Serato Studio.


Create a new crate: Click on the 'Create Crate' button to create a new Crate for the Library tab selected.

Alternatively, dragging a file onto an empty space in the Crates panel will also create a new crate with that file already imported inside it.

Rename a crate: Double-click on a Crate to rename it.

Create a Subcrate: Drag & drop a Crate onto another Crate to make a Subcrate. Note that it will highlight the crate you are dropping your new Crate onto, indicating that this Crate will become the parent Crate for your desired Subcrate. You can also create Subcrates inside Subcrates, and so on.

NOTE: Subcrate files will automatically appear in the parent crate. If you do not wish to see files from the subcrate in the parent crate (in the event you have files in the parent crate that are not yet in any corresponding subcrate), you can turn this feature off under Setup --> Library --> Crates include subcrate files

Expand a crate to reveal Subcrates: Click on the right-facing small white arrow in the upper-left-hand corner of the Crate, to reveal any Subcrates inside the Crate. Once a Crate has been expanded the small white arrow will point downwards to indicate expansion of the parent Crate.Expanding_a_SubCrate.gif

Re-order Crates: Drag & drop a Crate onto the far left-hand side of the Crate panel to change the order of your Crates. Note the entire Crate panel will have a purple outline to indicate you are changing the order of your Crates (instead of creating a new Subcrate).


NOTE: To re-order Subcrates, drag & drop a Subcrate directly onto the small space between two specific Subcrates, that you wish to insert it between.