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Project Toolbar : Overview

You will find project information and settings along the top of the Serato Studio interface.


BPM: Set the tempo of your project by adjusting the BPM or beats per minute value. All synced samples, drums and instruments will playback at this tempo.

TAP: Hovering your mouse over the BPM button will bring a button labeled TAP. Repeatedly click on the TAP button in time with a sample or song to set the project's BPM manually.


Key: Set the musical key of your project. When adjusting the key of your project, all synced samples and instruments will also automatically change to match the project key.


Note: The first audio sample imported into a project will set the BPM and Key to match it.

Scale: Set the musical scale for your project. You can switch between a major and minor scale. When adjusting the scale of your project, all synced samples and instruments will also automatically change to match the project scale.

FX: Add FX to a Drum, Instrument or Sample Deck, or individual Drum / Sample notes by enabling FX in your project. See the FX section for a more detailed look at how you can use FX in Serato Studio.

Mixer View: Shows/Hides the Mixer View. This view shows all mixer channels from the current project in one contained view. You can adjust the individual mixer parameters for the decks in your project, along with the scene and master channels.

More information on Mixer View can be found here.

Metronome: When recording or auditioning your beat in the scene player or song view, the metronome will play alongside your beat at the tempo of the project BPM. When recording, a 4-bar countdown will play to help with timing.

Recording Quantize: Turn on Quantize to ensure recorded notes snap to grid in the timing selected under the Quantize Value drop-down.

Quantize Size: The Quantize Size sets the grid that notes will snap to during recording.


Help: Access tools to help you get started with Serato Studio. More detail about the Serato Studio Help menu can be found in the Intro: Help section of the Serato Studio online manual.


Setup: Access the Serato Studio Studio Setup window via the cog icon in the top right of the Serato Studio interface. More detail about the Serato Studio Setup window can be found in the Intro: Setup section of the Serato Studio manual. 


Account: Use the Account menu in the upper right corner of Serato Studio's main screen, to access the following items:

  • Click on Manage Profile to view your Account Overview on
  • Click on My Products to view the associated Serato products tied to your account. Click on Music Production in the My Products section to view your Serato Studio products.
  • Click on Enter License Code to view the My Products section on your account. Use the ADD A NEW PRODUCT LICENSE box to enter any voucher or license code you may have, then click Add.
  • Click on Login/Logout to sign-in or sign-out of your account and activate or deactivate your products to use Serato Studio on your computer, or another computer.
  • Click on Rewards to open the Rewards section of your account, where you can unlock exclusive discounts & offers.
  • Click on Get Free Sounds to go to the Serato Studio Sounds page to download Sound packs.
  • Click on Gift a Free Month to share a Serato Studio Guest Pass with a friend, allowing them to try the full version of Serato Studio for a month.