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Audio Tracks : Parameter Panel


Here, the controls that affect each Clip can be found. Parameters are saved to each pad, so if a pad and corresponding Clip are deleted, those same parameters will be lost. Clip Parameters can be adjusted across one or more pads simultaneously - to select multiple pads, simply hold shift while clicking on subsequent pads.

Reverse: Toggles reverse playback of the selected Pad


Favorite: 'Favorite' a Pad, to prevent it from being overwritten by the Autoset function. Using this in conjunction with the Autoset feature, allows you to retain useful Cue points, and quickly replace less useful ones.


Tempo: Click & drag vertically to adjust the playback tempo of the selected Pad, from -75% to 300%. Pad playback is calculated with the Deck and Project BPM in mind, so increases to the Tempo parameter are cumulative. Use the 2x and 1/2 to quickly double and halve the playback Tempo. Hold control/command while clicking & dragging vertically to make fine adjustments, or hold shift while doing so to make coarser adjustments.


Key Shift: Allows for individual adjustments to the key of the selected Clip at values ranging from -24 to +24 semitones. Changes made are in addition to any changes made to the Deck or Project key, and are cumulative.

Select All: Use this to quickly select all available Pads, or press control/command + A on your keyboard.selectall.png

Delete: Use this to delete all non-favorited Pads, or press control/command + delete on your keyboard to delete all Pads.