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Audio Tracks : Deck Header Area


Here you can find controls for the Audio track. These are applied across all of the clips in the audio deck and are as follows:

Deck Play / Pause: Use this to toggle Play or Pause for the loaded source file in the audio deck. The white playhead in the middle of the waveform display will move through the track as the source file elapses in duration.


Deck playback mode: 'Hold mode' is the default playback mode, where triggered Clips will continue to play while the trigger is being held down. Alternatively, using 'Trigger mode' means Clips will continue to play until the end of the slice length, or the end of the source file if an endless slice is used - regardless of how long the clip trigger is held down for.


Deck Info Display: Information and tags relating to the currently loaded source file are displayed here and include; Title, Artist, Original key, Original BPM, and Elapsed track duration.


NOTE: Information is updated upon loading of the source file, so if you update tags, the information will only update once the file is reloaded to deck or ID3 tags have been scanned again.

Deck BPM: Displays the current BPM. Click and drag up or down to make changes, or double-click to enter a value manually. Hold control/command on your keyboard, while you click and drag, to make fine adjustments, or hold shift on your keyboard, to make coarser adjustments.

Sync: Click Sync to sync the Audio Track BPM with the project BPM. Click again to disable sync and allow for manual control of the Deck BPM.


Halve / Double BPM: Click on x2 to double the current Deck BPM, or click on 1/2 to halve it.


Deck Keyshift / Detune: Choose either Key or Detune to select either semitones or cents, then click & drag, up or down on the value to adjust the Deck key. Hold control/command on your keyboard while doing so to make fine adjustments, or hold shift to make coarser adjustments.