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Scene Player : Scene Bank

You can select, add, delete, move and rename Scenes in the Scene Bank. A white border denotes what scene you currently have selected.

To rename a scene select, then double-click (or right-click > 'Rename') to edit the scene name.


Use Scenes to create parts of your song - you can create 8 unique Scenes per a bank, and up to a total of 16 unique Scenes.

Copy the currently selected scene or create an empty scene in the Scene Bank Selector to add more scenes and build your song. Hover over a blank scene slot, you will see the options 'Copy' and 'Empty'.

Select Copy to create an identical copy of the currently selected scene, select Empty to create an empty scene.


If you wish to edit the arrangement of your scenes simply select a scene, then drag and drop it to its new position.


You can create up to 32 Scenes, with 8 Scenes per a Scene Bank. Move between each Scene Bank with the Scene Bank Selector (arrowheads at each end of the Scene bank).