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Scene Player : Deck Control Bar

These are the various controls that relate to each Deck per Scene in your project.

Deck Name: Each deck is given a default name, right-click on the Deck name and select 'Rename Deck' to customize this.


Deck Sequence Waveform: This is a waveform overview of your deck sequence.


Deck Collapse: Collapse the selected Deck in the Scene Player.


Reorder decks: Drag & drop decks on top of each other to reorder existing decks in the Scene player.


Once you have a few Decks created, you can use Mute and Solo to help fine-tune your scene during playback.

Deck Mute: Mute the selected Deck by clicking the volume icon to the left of the Deck name to stop hearing this Deck during playback.


NOTE: Mouse-over drum deck pads to reveal ‘mute’ buttons for each deck pad.

Deck Solo: Solo the selected Deck by holding shift and clicking the 'S' icon to the left of the Deck name to solo this Deck during playback.

Solo_deck.gifHold Shift + Click 'S' icon to 'solo' a Deck during playback.

NOTE: Mouse-over drum deck pads and hold shift to ‘solo’ individual pads in the drum deck.

Make Beats: Use this to generate a random or genre-specific beat in the Step Sequencer to quickly build a pattern. Selecting ‘User’ will randomly select saved user patterns.


Swing: Use Swing to move notes off the grid and give your beat a more natural feel. Click and drag the Swing knob to adjust the amount of swing. You can refine swing further by adjusting the Swing grid size parameter menu from 16th to 8th notes.


Drum Deck Grid Selection On / Off: Displays Double Grid ('x2') and Triplet Grid (3) buttons in Drum Sequencer when On, hides grid options when Off. Click 'x2' then program in your drum hits at smaller intervals.


Sample Deck Double Grid On / Off: This doubles the grid size, allowing for MIDI notes to snap to grid at a smaller interval.


Deck Sequence Clear: Clear all sequence data for the selected deck across all pages in the currently selected scene.


Deck Resize: Click and drag the expand button to see more of the Deck Sequencer.


NOTE: Drum Decks cannot be resized.

Deck Automation: See Automation for an in-depth look at how to use Automation on a Deck in Serato Studio.