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Scene Player : Deck List

Deck List

This is the area inside the Scene Player which allows you to navigate between and create new decks.

Add Drums Deck: Create an empty Drum Deck. Load a kit from the Drums library tab by using the 'All Drum Kits...' crate to show all drum kits. Alternatively, load individual sounds from the 'All Drum One-Shots...' crate.


Add Sample Deck: Create an empty Sample Deck. Drag content from your library onto the deck. You can add samples from your Serato DJ Library, Drums and Audio Samples library tabs.


Add Instrument Deck: Create an empty Instrument or Plugin Deck. Drag instruments or plugins from your library onto the deck. You select an instrument from the Plugin or Instrument library tabs.


NOTE: If you wish to duplicate a deck, simply select the deck you wish to duplicate then use the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + D / CTRL + D