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Plugin Deck : Deck Header Area & Pad Tools Panel

Plugin Deck Header


Plugin Deck Info Display: Displays the name of the loaded plugin on the left side of the Plugin Deck Header.

Eject: The Eject button can be used to retain the Plugin Deck, but eject the currently loaded plugin.


Open/Close: Click on this to open and close the currently loaded plugin.


Pad tools panel

Play in Key: Use this to show only the notes compatible with the Project Key, in the Instrument Plugins' piano roll. Use the drop-down menu to change between Piano and Pad Shortcut key modes.


Pad range: Click on the left arrow to move the octave range for the pads/keyboard down, or click on the right arrow to move the octave range for pads/keyboard up.

Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcuts Z and X when using Piano shortcut keys and < and > when using Pad shortcut keys.