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Instrument Deck : Deck Header Area


Here you can find controls for the Instrument Deck that are applied across all pads and cues in the deck, and are as follows:

Deck Voice Mode: Use this to determine the voice mode for playback of cues / pads in the Sample deck. Use 'Mono' for single cue playback, or 'Poly' for simultaneous multi cue playback. 
NOTE: Mono must be selected as a Deck voice mode in order to use the Glide feature.


Deck Info Display: Displays the name of the Instrument.

Detune: Allows for fine pitch adjustments to the Instrument deck, in cents, by simply clicking & dragging, up or down on the value. Hold control/command on your keyboard while doing so to make fine adjustments, or hold shift to make coarser adjustments. 


Parameter panel

Here controls that affect the pads (and by proxy their associated note) can be found. Parameters in the Instrument Deck affect all pads, and pad colours will change based on the octave selected - pads in a lower octave range are red, and will lighten before turning blue at the highest octave range. Pad parameters affect all pads in the Instrument Deck parameter panel.

Attack: Adjust the time it takes for a triggered note to reach it's peak volume (0.00ms to 10s)

Release: Adjust the time it takes for the triggered note to drop from it's peak volume to silence (0.00ms to 10s)