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Practice mode

Practice mode can be used to mix two tracks in Serato DJ Pro, and allows you to practice combinations without compatible hardware connected. Controls become available in the user interface, and can be modified with the mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

Toggle between Practice mode (2) and the Offline player (1) by clicking on the respective buttons found near the top left-hand corner of Serato DJ Pro.

Practice mode controls


Practice Crossfader: Controls the blend of both decks audio. Hold Shift while clicking and dragging to make fine adjustments, hold Control (Command) while clicking to reset.Screen_Shot_2019-12-03_at_9.21.45_AM.png

Volume Upfader and Input Gain Level Meter: Volume Upfader controls the volume of the corresponding deck. Use the LED strip to monitor the audio signal and avoid audio degradation by keeping the LED level out of the red.

BPM and Pitch Slider box: Shows the tempo of the currently playing track in beats per minute. This figure reflects changes in tempo slider movement. Using your mouse, click and drag up or down inside the BPM Pitch Slider box to make the BPM adjustments. To make fine adjustments hold Shift and click and drag. Use Control (Command) while clicking on the BPM Pitch Slider box to reset the pitch to zero %BPM_and_Pitch_Slider.png

Bend/Nudge +/-: Click to adjust the tempo momentarily, nudging the track forward or backward in time. Control (Command) and click to make permanent fine tempo adjustments.