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Serato Studio Licensing Errors

If you see a Licensing Error Message in Serato Studio, read on to find out what it means, and how to troubleshoot the error.

Network Error

If you encounter this error when using Serato Studio, it is likely that the computer you're trying to activate Serato Studio on is not able to communicate with the activation server that facilitates authorization of your Serato Studio license.

Please try the steps below, to try to resolve the error:

1. Check your firewall, or anti-virus software suite, and ensure Serato Studio is whitelisted - and that outgoing communication is permitted for Serato Studio.
2. Ensure all of the latest operating system updates are installed, and that you have tried restarting your computer.
3. Try using another internet connection, or use your mobile phone as a hotspot.
4. Try to avoid using restricted public networks to attempt activation, such as a coffee shop, library, or school network.
5. If using macOS, check you do not have the SOCKS network proxy setting enabled, via System Preferences --> Network --> Advanced --> Proxies

Ensure your configuration matches the recommended settings in the screenshot below.


NOTE: If this last step resolved your issue, you may find, that after restarting your computer - the issue returns. If so, please get in touch with Apple, as we believe this to be an OS-specific issue, unrelated to Serato Studio.

Error Code #1: License manager failed to initialize

Please try reinstalling Seato Studio, making sure that you are logged in as administrator on your machine. If these steps don’t work, please open a help request.

Error Code #2: License manager error

The license sent from the web server didn't arrive at the computer. The best thing to try in this case is activating your license again.

Error Code #4: The license does not match the current computer

A possible reason for this error is that your computer hardware has been changed since first activating your license e.g. BIOS, motherboard or hard drive. Also, this can appear if you reinstall your computer operating system. Go to My Account to manage your devices:

Error Code #5: The license content is invalid

You may have changed your computer name or ID, which now does not match your license. Another possible reason for this is that the license may have been corrupted. Please open a help request to resolve this error.

Error Code #6: The version in the license does not match the product version

Open a help request if error code #6 persists after following troubleshooting for error code #4.

Error Code #7: The computer clock has been set back

Please check the clock is set correctly for your time zone on your computer and retry activation. If that doesn’t help try to reinstall Serato Studio making sure that you are logged in as the computer administrator, then try activating Serato Studio again.

Error Code #9: License manager error

Please open a help request if you run into this error message.

Error Code #10: License manager error

Please open a help request if you run into this error message.

Further issues

If you are having trouble resolving any of the errors above, or have encountered an error not listed above, please get in touch with our Support team here: