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Backing up your Serato DJ library before using Serato Studio

Serato Studio allows you to integrate your Serato DJ library, for easy access to your DJ library.

Integration is seamless, but just to be safe, we always recommend backing up your Serato DJ library. Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

1. Ensure all Serato applications are closed.

2. Connect any external hard drives & partitions you may have your Serato DJ library (or any part of your library) located on.

3. Locate your _Serato_ folder(s).

On your internal drive or partition this should be in the following directories:


Windows: C:/Users/YOURUSERNAMEHERE/Music

On your external drives or any non-system partitions, the _Serato_ folder should be in the root of that drive / partition:


Windows: X:/ (where 'X' is the drive or partition letter)

4. Copy all _Serato_ folders to an back-up external storage device or a cloud storage location. You will need to give them alternative names if copying multiple _Serato_ folders to the same back-up location, to avoid folder name conflicts.

That's it - go ahead, launch Serato Studio, and enable the Serato DJ Library integration under Setup --> Library --> Show Serato DJ Library.