How can we help?

Intro : Help

There is a Help menu drop down in the top right corner of the Serato Studio interface - clicking on this will reveal the following dropdown:


Show Help Text

Click 'Show Help Text' to enable Hover Tips. Hover Tips provide a handy way to learn the various features of Serato Studio.

With 'Show Help Text' enabled, move your mouse over a section of the screen - Help text relating to the Serato Studio element you are hovering over will appear along the bottom left corner of the Serato Studio interface.

For example, move your mouse over the 'Add Drums' button:


Help text corresponding to that element is then shown in the bottom left corner of the Serato Studio interface:


Show Tooltips

Click 'Show Tooltips' to enable Tips for specific buttons. Tooltips provide a handy way to learn some of the various buttons in Serato Studio.

With 'Show Tooltips' enabled, move your mouse over an unlabeled button in the software - The name/function of the button will be shown in a black text box above your mouse pointer.

For example, move your mouse over the 'Increase scene size' button



Show Shortcut Keys

Click 'Show Shortcut Keys’ to open a window displaying an image of the shortcut key mapping. 

A further breakdown of the keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

Note: The shortcut key image window can be moved to a secondary display or overlaid on your single monitor while continuing to use Serato Studio.


Take First Use Tour

The First Use Tours shows upon opening Serato Studio for the first time - and offers a walkthrough of Serato Studio's basic functions to help you get started. This tour will be catered to the ‘Make a Beat’ or Make a DJ Edit’ option you selected from the welcome screen.

Use the 'Got It' button to move to the next tip, or choose 'Skip First use tour' to dismiss the pop-up.

If you would like to run through the First Use Tour again, select either the 'Take Create a Beat Tour’ or the ‘Take Make a DJ Edit Tour' option from the Help dropdown. 


Watch Tutorials

Clicking this button will link you directly to the Serato Studio Tutorial webpage. The Tutorials cover a range of topics from the basics of using Serato Studio through to making a beat in a specific genre.

Read Serato Studio Manual

This button links to the full Serato Studio Manual on the website. You can navigate to the top level of the manual by using the knowledge base navigation near the top of this page, or simply by clicking the link below:

Serato Studio user manual

View Hardware Mappings

The 'View Hardware Mappings' button links directly to the Studio Supported hardware page on Here you can see the individual feature and button mappings for supported hardware. You can also click the link below:

Using Midi devices & Serato Studio-compatible hardware

Get Support

This button will link you directly to the Serato help centre page. From here you can view a range of support articles on various aspects of the software or open a help request with the Serato Support team.


You can also click the link below to begin a help request:

Open a help request with Serato Support

Generate Report

This feature is used to generate a system report that consists of your computers system information as well as Serato Studio application data, software logs and crash reports. This report is used to assist Support to diagnose problems. When submitting a help request with the Support team, you may be requested to generate and send this information.

Clicking on the 'Generate Report' button in the help drop down menu will bring up a popup window:

Click 'Continue' to start this process. Once the report has been generated you will be taken to the location of this file in your computers file browser. 

Please attach the resulting file to a new or ongoing help request to share the information with the Serato Support team.
Try and include as much additional information as possible, alongside the attached report.
NOTE: On macOS the report can take a long time to generate, so please be patient.