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Using TIDAL with Serato DJ Pro

TIDAL can be used as a music streaming provider for use with Serato DJ Pro.

Log-in to TIDAL via Serato DJ Pro

To use TIDAL with Serato DJ Pro, you must have an active TIDAL subscription, as well as TIDAL's DJ extension add-on, and you must have Serato DJ Pro 2.1 or above installed.
For the most complete experience, including the use of Stems, we recommend using Serato DJ Pro 3.1.3 or later.


1. Open Serato DJ Pro

2. Navigate to Setup > Library + Display > Music Streaming

3. Enable Show Streaming Services, then select TIDAL from the services:


4. Finally choose Sign up / Login to Tidal to redirect to your browser and log-in, sign-up, or 'continue' using your TIDAL account (if you're already signed in)

5. After confirming you should be presented with a browser pop-up, asking to redirect you back to Serato DJ Pro - click 'Open Serato DJ Pro':


NOTE: The pop-up maybe worded a little differently depending on your operating system or internet browser of choice.

6. Once back in Serato DJ Pro, you'll now notice the music streaming section indicates a logged in account:


Using TIDAL playlists in Serato DJ Pro

Playlists can be created and edited via the TIDAL website or using the TIDAL application. Check out TIDAL's Help Center here, or find out how to create a playlist with TIDAL's How do I create playlists? article.

Once you've created a playlist, expand the TIDAL option in the crates / playlists pane of Serato DJ Pro, to reveal your playlists:


You can also create TIDAL playlists from within Serato DJ Pro, which will also be reflected in your TIDAL account.

Click the New Streaming Playlist button to create a new TIDAL streaming playlist. You can add files to the playlist by dropping and dragging them onto the playlist, as you would do with regular Serato DJ Pro crates.


NOTE: TIDAL music tracks cannot be added to regular Serato DJ Pro crates or smart crates.

Searching for TIDAL music in Serato DJ Pro

Click on the Streaming Search button next to the search box in Serato DJ Pro, once you've enabled Tidal Music as a streaming service.


Once clicked on, search focus will change to the 'ALL' crate, with streaming (and non-streaming) tracks now available for searching. Clicking the button again will revert back to the track and crate you had previously selected.

If your internet connection or connection to the server fails, the Streaming Search button will be greyed out.

Searching for tracks not yet added to a TIDAL streaming playlist will reveal tracks that you can then add to playlists, however it may take a moment to offer search results.