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How to activate a Pitch n Time Pro or LE license with your iLok

Activate your Serato Pitch n Time product with your iLok

NOTE: The included steps are for customers who've purchased a Pitch n Time studio plug-in directly from

1. Ensure you're signed into with the account you used to purchase your Pitch n Time product, then navigate to your products page, via the following link:

2. Scroll down to the bottom of your products page, under the Plug-in Products category, then click Show Serial Numbers and Licenses, then enter your account password, and click 'Submit':


3. Next to your Pitch n Time product, you'll now see a field and a 'Generate Activation Link' button. Enter your iLok user ID here, and click the button to confirm:


4. After doing this, the product listing will change to a dark blue colour, and you'll need to click 'iLok Activation Link':


5. You'll now be redirected to, where you'll need to sign-in with your previously nominated iLok user ID:


6. Carefully check your iLok user ID details, and then choose 'Redeem' as per the following image:


7. Ensure the license was successfully redeemed as per the confirmation screen, then launch the iLok license manager (if not already installed - click the following link to download it:!license-manager) then connect the iLok you wish to authenticate your Pitch n Time product with, and sign-in with the same iLok user ID as previously nominated.

At this point you can click the Available licenses tab, then click and drag your Pitch n Time product onto the iLok in the left-hand panel of iLok license manager:


8. Confirm you wish to activate the license on the chosen iLok, then close iLok license manager, and finally, install the actual Pitch n Time plug-in from one of our download pages: