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KNOWN ISSUE: macOS requires microphone (internal input) access for Serato DJ Pro & Lite

macOS 10.14 Mojave and subsequent versions, require the user to enable microphone access

Without allowing access for Serato DJ Pro or Lite, you may experience issues such as (but not limited to);

  • Lack of DVS signal (Serato DJ Pro only)
  • Lack of recording signal (Serato DJ Pro only)
  • Assorted audio issues

You should be prompted by macOS when first launching Serato DJ Pro or Lite (this may require your Serato hardware to be connected), with the following messaging in which you will need to choose 'OK' to allow microphone access:


Without doing so you will experience some of the issues listed above, but in case you chose Don't Allow or ignored the prompt, you can also retrospectively adjust your settings to rectify the permission (you will need to choose Click the lock to make changes and enter your log-in details to adjust the settings pictured below):

System Preferences Security & Privacy Privacy  Microphone  Serato DJ Pro (enabled)


System Preferences Security & Privacy Privacy  Microphone Serato DJ Lite (enabled)


NOTE: Depending on your Serato hardware's need for internal inputs, you may not see the prompt for microphone access further above, or need to enable the microphone access under Security & Privacy.

Additionally, in some cases you may need to disable, then enable the microphone permission - if it's already enabled (but you still have issues).

Even if you are using Serato DJ Pro, but you also have Serato DJ Lite installed, the privacy item above will still show as Serato DJ Lite, due to the way macOS recognizes Serato software, this is normal - the two applications shared the application permission listing.

Finally, it's highly recommended that you restart Serato DJ Pro or Lite if you already had them open/hadn't closed them after making the required changes, you may be prompted to do so in this case.

Mic Modes on 2018 Mac models & above

For users with Mac models from 2018 onwards, when using macOS 12 Monterey or higher, Apple has included a further microphone mode entitled Voice Isolation.

With this mode enabled, even if you have permissions set correctly as per the steps above, you will encounter the following issues:

  • Lack of DVS signal (Serato DJ Pro only)
  • Lack of recording signal (Serato DJ Pro only)
  • FX not audible
  • No signal routed to the Make Audio Output available to other Applications preference (for live streaming)
  • No audio is output via the Use Laptop Speakers preference

The Standard mode is the default setting, and is applied on a per-app basis, but if you've changed it, you can revert it back with the following steps:

  1. Open Serato DJ Pro
  2. Connect your Serato hardware and follow the relevant steps below:
    • macOS 14 Sonoma: Click on the microphone indicator in the Menu Bar, and choose Mic Mode > Standard
      Image 15-01-24 at 2.34 PM.jpg
    • macOS 12 Monterey or macOS 13 Ventura: Click on the Control Centre icon in the Menu Bar, and choose Mic Mode > Standard controlcentremacos1213.pngScreenshot 2024-03-01 at 3.45.14 PM.png

Microphone indicator on macOS 12 Monterey & above

For users on macOS 12 Monterey & above, using Serato DJ Pro with external hardware that requires microphone access (after approving it using the steps above), shows a non-dismissible, small orange indicator that will appear in the top right of Serato DJ Pro software, near the clock - and while this looks like Serato DJ Pro's dropout indicator - it's not.


This is an operating system feature and the ability to hide or display this indicator is solely at the discretion of Apple. It does not mean Serato DJ software is using your computers built-in microphone, but rather the internal audio inputs of your connected primary hardware.

Please contact Apple support for further information regarding this, as Serato is unable to hide or mitigate this from displaying.