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Loop Roll

Loop roll performs a standard Auto Loop, but when the loop is turned off the playback position is returned to the position where it would be if it had not entered the loop (much like censor).

The Loop Roll Lengths are determined by the range selected in the Loop Tab. The range of values available for loop roll are 1/32 through to 32 bars.

Use short loop lengths to create “stutter” type effects. The other difference between loop roll and standard Auto Loop is the “roll” button is momentary (ie. The loop is engaged when the button is pressed down, and disengaged when the button is released.)

To activate loop roll use the keyboard shortcuts.

  • control + alt + 1 through 5 for the left deck (or the active left deck when using 4 decks).
  • control + alt + 6 through to 0 for the right deck (or the active left deck when using 4 decks).

    (i.e the same as the Auto Loop controls with the additional ‘control’ key as a modifier).

You can also MIDI map individual Loop Rolls to a secondary MIDI controller by holding Alt and clicking the Loop Roll size when MIDI mapping.