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Track Gain Adjust

Gain can be adjusted for your individual track, which may be loaded to the Virtual Deck or Sampler Slot. Adjustment ranges from -24dB to +24dB. To set the gain value to 0dB, control + click on the Track Gain Adjust. Serato DJ Pro will remember adjusted Track Gain value when the track is next loaded.

When Auto Gain is enabled, the Track Gain Adjust will appear grey. Again, to set the gain value to 0 dB, control + click the Track Gain Adjust. To return the value to its original Auto Gain value, alt + click the Track Gain Adjust.


We recommend keeping your tracks gain set so that the deck output level is in the yellow segments for the loudest parts of your track. Keeping the level out of the red is recommended at all times.

TIP: For fine Track Gain Adjustment, hold shift while dragging the control.