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Using Internal Mode (INT)

If you select Internal Mode (INT) while a DVS compatible Serato DJ device is connected, you can use the on screen controls to adjust the tempo, tempo range or use the nudge up/down buttons.

  • Tempo SliderUse the Tempo Slider to make tempo adjustments. Hold shift while moving the tempo slider to make minor adjustments. Control + click the tempo slider to reset it to the 0% position.
    Use the keyboard shortcuts R (left deck)
    or F (right deck) to move the tempo slider up, and E (left deck) or D (right deck) to move the tempo slider down.
  • Nudge Up or DownClick to adjust the tempo momentarily, nudging the track forward or backward in time. Control + click to make permanent fine tempo adjustments.
  • Tempo RangeUse the Tempo Range to choose from +/- 8%, 16% or 50.