Internal Mode


When you reach the end of the vinyl or CD track using either ABS or REL modes, Serato DJ will automatically switch to Internal (INT) mode. This is known as Emergency Internal mode, and prevents long tracks from stopping when you run out of vinyl or CD track. You can switch back to ABS or REL mode by lifting the needle and placing it in the lead-in of the control vinyl. It will take 1 second for ABS or REL mode to be re-activated. Internal mode will retain the tempo you had when in ABS or REL mode.

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to quickly toggle between the control modes: • Absolute Mode F1 for the left deck, F6 for the right deck.
• Relative Mode F2 for the left deck, F7 for the right deck.
• Internal Mode F3 for the left deck, F8 for the right deck.

TIP: By using control + F3 or F8, will set the deck to Internal Mode, disable Sync, reset the tempo to 0 and activate play. This is known as “Safety Mode”. You can also access Safety Mode by using control + click on the Internal Mode button in the software.