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Temporary Cue

The temp cue function allows you to set a temporary cue point in a track that is not saved to the file. This is useful for finding a point in a track and then being able to easily start again from this point as you get your mix right. By default, this is set to the beginning of the audio file. While paused you can use the platter to fine tune the playhead placement to ensure your cue point is set exactly on a downbeat.


You can set a temporary cue point using keyboard shortcuts.

I = set temp cue point for left deck (or the active left deck when using 4 decks).
K = set temp cue point for right deck (or the active left deck when using 4 decks).

NOTE: Playback will have to be paused in order for a temporary cue to be set.

Once the temp cue is set, holding the relevant temp cue button on your hardware (usually CUE) whilst paused will play from the temp cue point. Releasing the button will pause playback and return to the temp cue position. This is good for stuttering in the start of a track.

If you press the PLAY/PAUSE button on your Serato DJ hardware whilst you are holding down the CUE button, playback will continue when you let both buttons go. This allows you to cue a track in from pause mode and then continue playback once you know the mix is right.

The CUE button can also be pressed whilst the track is playing at any point to return to this point and put the deck in pause. To change the location of the temp cue put the deck in pause with the playhead at a different location and press the CUE button again. The temp cue point is also useful to repeatedly start from a preset point in the track. This allows you to easily drop in a few times until you get it right.