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Trigger Cue Point

Once a Cue Point is set, you can jump to it at any time by pressing the relevant HOT CUE button on your Serato DJ hardware or clicking on the  symbol in the Cue Point View. If playback is paused, triggering a Cue Point will play from that point for as long as the HOT CUE button is held down, and will return to the cue point and pause when the button is released.

When the Quantize feature is enabled, Cue Points will trigger in time with the Beatgrid. You can adjust the number of beats allowed between each Cue Point trigger in the DJ Preferences tab of the Setup screen.

TIP: If you press the PLAY/PAUSE button on your Serato DJ hardware whilst you are holding down the HOT CUE button on your Serato DJ hardware, playback will continue when you let both buttons go. This allows you to cue a track in from pause mode and then continue playback once you know the mix is right.