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Calibration Troubleshooting

After calibration, the number in the upper right corner of the scope view should say 0.0 while the needle is on the record and the turntable is stopped.

If that number is fluctuating then manually move the estimate slider to the right until that number is stable at 0.0. If you’ve moved the slider all the way to -24 and its still fluctuating then you have a grounding or interference problem somewhere in the chain.

If so, the first thing to check is that the grounding wire coming from your turntable is connected to your mixer’s grounding posts. Next, make sure that the hardware isn’t sitting next to a power source such as a power strip or power box and that the RCA cables connected to the hardware aren’t laying across other power conducting cables.

If you are still experiencing issues, you might have to adjust the placement of your setup. For example, make sure bass bins aren’t directly under the turntables.