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The Scopes

The scopes on the setup screen in Serato DJ Pro display the input signal as a phase diagram. The key factors to look at on the scope display are crisp clean lines, round shape, and the tracking percentage in the lower right corner. Start both turntables or CD players. You will see green rings appear in the scope view, as shown above.

For optimal performance the inner ring should be as close to circular as possible. Use the scope zoom slider to zoom in or out as necessary. Use the scope L/R balance and P/A balance controls to adjust the shape of the inner ring. The number in the top left corner of the scope view gives the current absolute position within the control record or CD. The number in the top right corner is the current speed in RPM. In the bottom left is the current threshold setting, and the number in the bottom right shows the percentage of readable signal – this number should be close to 85% when your system is calibrated properly.

If you find that your scopes do not appear as described, please see "Diagnosing the Scope Views".