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How To Calibrate Serato DJ Pro

With music playing in the background through your system or booth output, put your needle on the record with the turntable stopped. If you are using CD players, the same rules apply. Have the CD deck paused or stopped while calibrating.

Click and hold the estimate button until the slider stops moving. Moving the Noise Sensitivity slider to the left will make Serato DJ more sensitive to slow record movement, but also more sensitive to background noise. Repeat the process for each deck.

Things to remember:

• Your needle must be on the record.

• Your turntable (or CD player) must be stationary.

• The background music playing must be at a similar level to which you will play your set at. You should calibrate Serato DJ every time you play.

TIP: If the slider jumps to the far right, then you have a problem with noise in your turntables/ CD players/mixer. Check all your connections and make sure your equipment is well earthed. In some situations you will not be able to improve the signal quality, and you will have to play on regardless. In this situation, stick to REL mode.