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Sync Preferences

Sync Off

Using the Sync Off option will remove the Sync button completely from the main screen.

Simple Sync

Click this to enable Simple Sync. Simple Sync does a simple transient sync to the opposite track on the deck. You do not see Beatgrids in order to use Simple Sync.


Snap to Beatgrid

Snap to Beatgrid will make Beatgrids visible on your tracks waveform when using Simple Sync, and when first pressing sync it will sync the track using the tracks Beatgrid information rather

than the transients.

Smart Sync

Click this to enable Smart Sync. Smart Sync gives you more control and requires your tracks have accurate beatgrids.


NOTE: From Serato DJ 1.9.6 and above, Smart Sync is now available when DVS is enabled.

Maintain Sync on Track Load

When this is checked, Sync will remain engaged when a new track is loaded to the deck. 

Tempo Slider affects all synced decks

Changing the tempo (BPM) of a virtual deck that is in sync, will also change the tempo (BPM) of all other virtual decks are in sync. (This option is only available in DVS and WIR modes)

Quantize Preferences

Select the number of beats allowed between either setting or triggering Cue Points (and loops using Reloop). For example, if you have ‘1 Beat’ selected, you will be able to set or trigger a Cue Point on each beat of your Beatgrid. You can of course choose to leave more beats between, but you will not be able to set or trigger Cue Points less than one beat apart.