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How to setup Link with iOS mobile apps

Using Link with an iOS app opens up a further realm of possibilities, and on the App Store a wealth of Link-compatible apps are already available.

Ensure your computer and iOS device are connected to the same network, or are connected together via an AD-HOC network connection.

  • Connect your Serato-compatible primary hardware.
  • Check either Simple or Smart Sync and 'Snap to Beatgrid' are enabled under SETUP --> DJ PREFERENCES in Serato DJ, on both computers. Tracks used must also have their beat-grids set;


  • Choose the 'Link' option in the top left-hand corner in Serato DJ;

  • Ensure your MIDI hardware is connected to your iOS device (this will require an adapter)
  • Enable Link in the iOS app (refer to App page or support documentation for specific instructions);

How to set-up an Ad-HOC network connection;

Still having trouble setting up Link? Check out Ableton's Link Troubleshooting guide.