How to setup Link with another desktop application (like Ableton Live)

Using Link with a desktop application, such as Ableton Live, opens up a realm of possibilities for live performances and collaborations, and can actually be done on the same computer that is running Serato DJ or via two locally networked computers.

NOTE: Audio from Serato DJ may only be able to be output via the Serato primary hardware connected.

  • Connect your Serato-compatible primary hardware.
  • (If using Link with two separate computers) Ensure both computers are connected to the same local network, or set-up an AD-HOC network connection (links on how to set-up an AD-HOC connection can be found near the bottom of the page).
  • Check either Simple or Smart Sync and 'Snap to Beatgrid' are enabled under SETUP --> DJ PREFERENCES in Serato DJ. Tracks used must also have their beat-grids set;

  • Choose the 'Link' option in the top left-hand corner in Serato DJ;

  • Launch Ableton Live (9.6 or higher), and choose 'Options --> Preferences';

  • In the Preferences window, choose Link/MIDI, and ensure the 'Show Link Toggle' is enabled;

  • Finally, toggle the newly enabled Link button in top left-hand corner of the Ableton UI - note the Link toggle will show a number to indicate the amount of other applications in Link session;


  • (Windows only) - You may need to allow Ableton Live access to communicate on the home network (if using a firewall), and if prompted, will need to 'Allow access'. This prompt may be different if using third-party firewall software;

How to set-up an Ad-HOC network connection;