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Sampler Play From Selector (Advanced Mode Options only)

From the options view in Advanced mode, you can click the small arrow to the right of the ‘Play From Selector’ to reveal different Play From choices. You can choose to play a track from the start of the file, any one of the Cue Points, or any one of the loop in points.

When this is set to play from start, or play from a Cue Point, the track will play from this position. If a loop is selected in the Play From Selector the track will play from this position. The loop will repeat if repeat is enabled for the slot.


The number of options will be dependent on the number of Cue Points and Loops already set in your track. i.e. if the track loaded has no Cue Points and Loops set, then only “start” will be available as a “Play From” option.

TIP: To set or adjust Cue Point and Loop information for a track, load it to a Virtual Deck, make your adjustments, then load it back into the sample slot.