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Slip Incorrect Beatgrid

If your Beatgrid matches the tracks’ tempo, but the track’s Downbeat Beat Marker is incorrect

or the groove or feel is sounding slightly out, you may need to Slip the Beatgrid. This will move (slip) the entire Beatgrid along without adjusting the calculated BPM.

 If the entire Beatgrid is out (i.e. both the Downbeat and Beat Warp Markers), you can Slip the entire Beatgrid which will move all markers the same amount.

1 Open the Grid Editor by clicking Grid Edit or using the keyboard shortcut, alt + spacebar.

2 Use the small and large Grid Slip buttons to move the Beatgrid, or press control + the left or right arrow on your keyboard.

3 Click SAVE or press Return to exit the Grid Editor and save the change.