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Editing Beatgrids

If the Beatgrid markers aren’t falling on top of the track’s beats, you will need to edit the Beatgrid.

You can do this by loading the track to the deck, either in offline player, or while connected to your Serato DJ hardware, then clicking on “Edit Grid” which appears next to the time elapsed/ remaining information for your track.

NOTE: The 'Edit Grid' button will not show unless the Simple Sync & Snap to Beatgrid or Smart Sync options are enabled under Setup > DJ Preferences > Sync Mode.

If you click on Edit Grid, the Beatgrid Editor will appear and a blue bar will appear above the waveform of the track. If you are connected to your Serato DJ hardware the Beatgrid will appear instead of the Virtual Deck.


The Beatgrid Editor contains all the tools you will need to create a Beatgrid, or correct an incorrect Beatgrid.

TIP: To check if the Beatgrid has been calculated correctly you can skip forwards into the track to see if the markers fall on the beats or not (after a breakdown is a good place). It is also a good idea to go to the track’s outro section and see if the markers are still falling on the beats.

TIP: Press escape at any time to exit the Beatgrid Editor without saving any changes.