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Relative Pitch & Tempo Control (Smart Sync)

When a deck is in Sync, altering the pitch of any one deck will affect the pitch of all other synced decks. Disengaging Sync on a deck keeps the pitch in relative pitch mode. Relative pitch will react to slider position movements up or down, but not reflect the absolute position on the hardware slider itself.

To reset the pitch slider to absolute pitch you can either:

  • Load the track again once Sync has been disabled.
  • Double click the OFF button next to SYNC on that virtual deck. If the tempo slider on your Serato DJ controller, turntable or CDJ is at 0% then the track will return to it’s original BPM, if it’s not then move the pitch to 0% to return it to the original value.

When a deck is in relative mode, the BPM will display blue, and REL will appear below.

NOTE: When in relative mode, you can hold SHIFT on your Serato DJ hardware to disable the pitch slider temporarily - you can then move the pitch up or down, re-positioning it back to any position to suit your needs (only compatible with certain Serato DJ hardware, where this feature is mapped).