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Grid Edit Shortcuts

To edit a Beatgrid you will need to open the Beatgrid Editor.

Grid Edit mode (pictured)

NOTE: You may find it easier to make adjustments to the Beatgrid with the track not playing. Use the following functions with your computer keyboard or mouse:




Open Beatgrid Editor

alt + spacebar


Exit Beatgrid Editor



Save Beatgrid Changes



Set Beat Warp Marker


alt + double click

Clear Beat Marker



Clear all Beatgrid

shift + delete


Adjust (Contract/Stretch) Beatgrid

arrow keys

alt + click & drag a white bar marker

Large Adjust (Contract/ Stretch) Beatgrid

shift + arrow keys


Slip Beatgrid

control + arrow keys

alt + click & drag the red downbeat marker

Large Slip Beatgrid

shift + control + arrow keys


TIP: When in Horizontal Display Mode use the left and right arrow key commands, when in vertical display mode, use the up and down arrow keys.

TIP: After deleting all Grid Markers you may want to drag the file back onto the Analyze Files button to re-analyze the file and create a new Beatgrid, or press X to manually set the Downbeat Marker, creating a new Beatgrid.