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Library Auto-Backup

Serato DJ Pro will create a folder on your hard disk called Serato where it stores your library database, crate information and other information. The Serato folder is located in the My Music folder on Windows and in the Music folder on Mac. Serato DJ Pro will also create a Serato folder on any external drive that you have added files from into the library.

When you first exit Serato DJ Pro you will be prompted to backup your library. This creates a copy of the Serato folder on your system drive and on any connected external drives containing a Serato folder. The backup folder is called “Serato_Backup.” After the initial backup, you will be prompted to backup again if the last backup on that drive is older than a week or if no backup exists. Serato DJ Pro will only keep ONE backup at a time, so each time you backup Serato DJ Pro will overwrite the previous backup.

NOTE: If you have had an early version of Serato ITCH or Scratch Live installed on the computer the library folder might be called ‘ScratchLIVE’, not ‘_Serato_’. Some users may have both folders.