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Setting up Columns

The track information display area can be customized to display any of the columns listed below;

  • Added
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Bit rate
  • BPM
  • Comment
  • Composer
  • Filename
  • Genre
  • Grouping
  • Key
  • Label
  • Length
  • Location
  • Plays
  • Remixer
  • Sampling Rate
  • Size
  • Track
  • Year

Clicking on the triangle at the top right of the library (under the search function) as well as right clicking on the header of any library column, will show the list so you can turn fields on and off. You can re size columns by grabbing the edge and dragging to the width you want.

You can click on any columns to sort by that column, and you can also assign a secondary sort column. Holding CTRL (CMD on OSX) on your keyboard, and clicking on the second column will assign the secondary column. Clicking a second time on a primary or secondary column will change between an ascending and descending sort.
Holding CTRL + SHIFT while clicking on the secondary column, will disable it.