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Serato DJ Pro uses digital "crates" for quick access to your favorite collections. There is an almost infinite amount to the number of crates you can create, and any given track can be placed in multiple crates. The crate area is on the left hand side of the library.

For example, you could organize your tracks into the following crates, where any one track would be filed in more than one crate.

  • Hip Hop
  • French Hip Hop
  • UK Hip Hop
  • Instrumental Hip Hop
  • Old School Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop LPs

To make a new crate, click the Add Crate button. To rename a crate, double click the crate name.
You can change the order of tracks within a crate by dragging them up or down.

TIP: The protect library option in the setup screen applies to removing, editing and renaming crates. Check this option to prevent changes to your crates.