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Auto Looping

To create a Auto Loop, you will first need to select the Loops Tab

Auto loops range from 1/32 to 32 bars. You can use the relevant Auto Loop controls on your Serato DJ hardware or click the loop value you wish to create by choosing from the range of defined lengths. To shift the range displayed, use the two arrow buttons on the left and right of defined lengths.

By clicking one of the Auto Loop Defined Lengths, a loop start point will be created from the nearest beat to the playhead (within reason), and set a loop end point in based on the defined length selected. The loop is snapped to the beats in the song detected by Serato DJ so even if you press the button slightly out of time Serato DJ will still create a perfect size loop.

Clicking on the same Auto Loop length again while the loop is active will deactivate the loop. Selecting another Auto Loop length while loop is active will extend the end point of the current loop to the appropriate new Auto Loop length.

You can also save an Auto Loop to the next available free loop slot. When using an Auto Loop, a save button is visible where the lock loop button normally is.

To activate Auto Loops using keyboard shortcuts:

  • alt + 1 through 5 for the left deck (or the active left deck when using 4 decks).
  • alt + 6 through to 0 for the right deck (or the active right deck when using 4 decks).

NOTE: Auto Loops calculate the loop from the track’s BPM value, so it is required that your tracks have been analyzed with ‘Set Beatgrid/BPM’ checked.