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Assigning Controls


To enable MIDI assign mode, click the MIDI button in the top right-hand corner of the software. Hovering the mouse pointer over a control will bring up the MIDI assignment box, showing the current assignment status.

Assign a MIDI control by clicking on the control in Serato DJ Pro, then move the physical control on your MIDI device. The MIDI assignment box should update to show it has mapped the controls to one-another. If “Enable Output Lighting” is switched on in the Setup menu, you can toggle this by pressing “L” when you make a mapping (if available for selected feature).


If a MIDI control has already been assigned to a Serato DJ function you will be presented with the option to press ‘O’ to overwrite the control, or press ‘A’ to add an additional mapping to the same MIDI control. More information on adding additional mappings can be found here - Mapping multiple functions to a single MIDI control

Note: Selecting ‘Overwrite’ will wipe all previous functions assigned to that control


To un-assign a MIDI control, click on the control in Serato DJ, and press return on your computer keyboard. To reassign, simply click the control again, and it will change from a dark blue ‘assigned’ status, to a light blue ‘reassign’ status.

NOTE: Once in MIDI assign mode, Serato DJ Pro controls will no longer respond directly to the mouse. If you need to change a control using the mouse, disable MIDI assign mode. While in MIDI assign mode, controls which have MIDI inputs assigned show a blue box indicator around them.