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Using The DJ-FX

The DJ-FX panel gives you control of two FX Units, with effects powered by iZotope TM. The DJ-FX panel button appears in the top left area of the main screen, click FX to open this panel.


This will only be available when supported Serato DJ hardware is connected, or when using the Serato Play Expansion Pack.

Using The DJ-FX

Click the ‘Effect Select’ drop down box to select an effect for the effect slot.


Click the ‘On’ button below the effect select box to turn the effects on or off. Click and drag the knobs or buttons to adjust effect parameters. These parameters affect sound differently, depending on what effect you have selected.

TIP: You can quickly reset a parameter knob to its default value by control + clicking the knob.

For most effects the FX Depth knob will usually operate in the same way; Having the knob all the way to the left will apply no effect (full dry) and having the knob all the way to the right is the maximum amount you can apply the effect (full wet). However, for some effects that have the word “Combo” in its name, full dry will be at the 12 o’clock position and full wet will be both left and right, e.g “Combo Filter”.

There will be a default group of effects that are available to you in the ‘Effect Select’ drop down menu, however, you can customize the selection available by using Favorite FX Lists.