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BPM Tapper

If a track has no BPM information stored and Set Beatgrids is disabled, TAP is displayed where the BPM is usually displayed in the Track Display.

To add a BPM value, you can click on TAP which will open the Beatgrid Editor. To calculate the BPM, tap the space bar along with the beat. After you’ve tapped the first beat, you can switch to double time tapping, halftime, start of each bar etc. The range is set by the first two taps, after that you can switch to any steady rhythm you feel comfortable with – quarter notes, half note, whole notes. The esc key resets the BPM, the enter key saves the BPM to the track. You can also use the mouse if you prefer by clicking on TAP and clicking the mouse button in time.

You don’t need to be set to zero on the pitch slider of your Serato DJ hardware in order to get the BPM accurate, as Serato DJ Pro does the math for you.

TIP: Press alt + spacebar for the left virtual deck (press alt + spacebar a second time to activate the Beatgrid Editor on the right virtual deck).