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Virtual Deck

  • BPM: Shows the tempo of the currently playing track in beats per minute. Reflects changes in tempo slider movement. 
  • Pitch: Shows percentage difference of current tempo in relation to original track tempo.
  • Pitch Range: Displays either +/-8%, +/-16% and +/-50% tempo ranges depending on what you have selected.
  • Elapsed Time: How much of the track has already been played.
  • Remaining Time: How much time left until the end of the track.
  • Platter Position Indicator: One full rotation corresponds to one rotation of the platter. This is particularly useful for beat juggling.
  • Track Progress Indicator: The band around the outside of the virtual deck shows the position within the track. It can be configured in the setup screen to flash when the track is about to end.
  • REL: Letters REL in blue will display when track’s tempo is relative to the other playing deck tempo. This mode now reflects movement on the software, but will not reflect the absolute pitch position on your hardware. To reset the pitch slider to absolute pitch you can either load the track again once Sync has been disabled, or double click the OFF button next to SYNC on that virtual deck. You can also hold shift to disable the pitch slider temporarily - you can then move the pitch up or down, re-positioning it back to any position to suit your needs.

When a track is loaded to the virtual deck it will change from grey to white with a black stripe. As the track progresses, the virtual deck will rotate. The circular progress bar around the edge is a visual representation of the position within the track, and will begin flashing 20 seconds from the end of the track to warn you that the track is nearing its end.

TIP: You can turn ‘Track End Warning’ off in the setup screen.