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Recording Audio

Serato DJ can capture recordings of your mix output. Click the REC button to open the Recording Panel in Serato DJ. This is located in the top left hand area of the main screen.


NOTE: You can select the file format and bit depth for your recording in the playback tab of the setup screen. 


Recording Panel 

  • Record input select - Click on the drop-down to select the recording input. For recording the master audio output signal select MIX. This records post faders and EQ, pre master gain.
  • Rec Location - Select the location where your Serato DJ recordings are saved. See Recording Location for more info.
  • Recording Level Adjust (Audio) - Sets the audio recording level to be recorded to disk. Refer to the recording Level Meter to the right to monitor your recording level. Refrain from going into the red, as this may cause audio degradation
  • Recording level meter - Shows the current recording level, as set by the record gain knob. Refrain from going into the red, which could result in clipped or distorted recordings. For optimum recording levels, attempt to have the meter in the high end of the yellow region
  • Record - Click the REC button to start and stop recording. Click again to re-record without saving. To save the recording to disk, type a filename into the text field, and click SAVE.