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Deck Setup

The Deck Setup options will only be available for hardware that requires it.

  • Select the TURNTABLES option if you wish to control Serato DJ Pro using analog turntables. All Channels are plugged into PHONO.
  • Select the CDJS option if you wish to control Serato DJ Pro using digital CDJS. All channels are plugged into CD/LINE.
  • Select the CUSTOM option to set your own configuration using the devices driver setup window.

When certain Rane hardware is connected, you will have the option to assign decks to the PGM channels 1 and 2. The CUSTOM button will also be replaced by a DEVICE PANEL button to access the Rane Device Panel.

Primary Decks

Primary Deck selection allows you to select which hardware channels you are using for your left and right primary decks. You can switch the configuration to swap channels 1 and 2 to be channels 2 and 3 if you have connected to a 4 channel mixer and want to use the middle channels.

Use the tilde key (~) to toggle the focus between primary and secondary decks.

Record Channel

The Record Channel options will only be available for hardware that requires it. To record, designate a channel you wish to use. You will not be able to use this channel to DJ. 

USB Buffer Size (Latency)

Serato DJ Pro processes audio data in small chunks. When smaller chunks are used, the movement of the platter is translated into audio more often, which results in a lower overall system latency. However, this requires more processing power and therefore a higher CPU load, so lower buffer size settings require a more powerful computer to produce uninterrupted audio.

Lowering the latency will result in tighter hardware-software response, for quicker scratching etc but will increase the load on your computer and may result in audio dropouts on lower spec computers. We recommend having the USB buffer size set to 5ms to begin with, and then adjusted to preference.

Audio Output

Enabling ‘Use Laptop Speakers’ will route the audio output from Serato DJ Pro through the operating systems selected soundcard. If the computer's built-in soundcard is selected as the playback device, the audio will play via your laptop speakers. Setting your operating system to output via another connected soundcard or audio device will also cause Serato DJ Pro to output audio via the selected device.

Note: This option is only available when compatible hardware is connected.

Enabling ‘Make Audio Available to Other Applications’ allows other applications to monitor Serato DJ Pro’s audio output.

You will be prompted to install a Virtual Audio Device (VAD) when enabling this feature for the first time. Information on how to do this can also be found here - Getting Serato DJ Pro ready to Live Stream

Once the VAD is installed, and this option is enabled, Serato DJ Pro’s Audio will be available to other applications via the VAD. The VAD will need to be selected as the Audio Input in the application that is receiving the audio.