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MIDI Devices

Here you can see if Serato DJ has successfully detected your MIDI Device. Click on the MIDI device in the list to select it and use ‘Enable MIDI Device’ option to enable or disable that device. Your Primary Serato DJ hardware will show up here if it is able to be remapped.

Allow Serato Hardware Remapping

Enable this to allow your connected Serato DJ hardware to be remapped. Remap your controller to change what Serato DJ functionality is controlled by it’s buttons, knobs and sliders. To restore your Serato DJ hardware back to it’s default either disable this option, or click ‘Restore Defaults’.

MIDI Presets

Here you can create, delete and manage multiple MIDI presets for your MIDI Devices. Select your MIDI preset in the list and click ‘Load’ to activate the preset. Click ‘New’ to create a new preset or click ‘Save’ or ‘Save As’ to save your current preset.

Enable Output Lighting

Enable MIDI output lighting for supported devices and features. Press “L” on your keyboard when making a MIDI mapping to enable MIDI output lighting for that specific mapping.

Restore Defaults

Restores the midi mapping for any connected devices back to their default setting. If you have multiple MIDI controllers connected this will reset presets on both devices.